Renovate My Bathroom and Give It Some Glam | 5J Bathroom Renovation Melbourne

Bathroom Renovation Melbourne

I’m a first-time homeowner and for the same reason, I wanted everything to be perfect. My idea was to just redo one of my bathrooms and give it some glam.

I heard about the 5J group from one of my friends, who had them renovating her home. As a person who has seen how beautiful her home looks, I wasn’t hesitant to give them a call to see if they were available to take up this small project.

Usually, when a person says “I want a glamorous luxury bathroom”, the first thought for anyone would be “wouldn’t it be odd to have just a bathroom in a different style?”. But these guys were literally judgment-free. On another hand, they told me that they will help me get a classy, luxurious bathroom that will go along with my bedroom decor.

On the first call itself, they heard all my requirements and told me they’ll get back to me soon with a quote and some references for how I wanted the bathroom decor and style to be. Within a couple of days, they had everything ready and gave me a clear idea of the renovation timeline and budget.

From the fixtures and mirrors to the floor tiles and walls, they helped me in deciding on everything. They told me about the pros and cons of choosing each flooring and wall tiles, how to choose a colour scheme, and what kind of materials I should have for the decor. I didn’t have to worry about anything. Honestly, if I was choosing these all by myself, I would have been still looking at options, not being able to decide on something.

I am completely taken aback by how beautiful they’ve redone my bathroom. It’s like opening a door and walking into a magical land where I could just relax and shut off from the world. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who’s looking for awesome bathroom renovation services in the Melbourne area.

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