5J and Team Really Surprised Us as They Did Quality Work In Such Short Time


We are a big family of 5 people and most often, the kitchen and dining area would feel too crowded to even step in. That’s when we decided that we wanted to make our kitchen a little more space-efficient with more storage space and floor area.

We were searching online for budget-friendly kitchen renovation services in Melbourne and came across the 5J group and contacted them. They were packed with other projects at that moment, but they told us that they will get back to us as soon as they can tell us a date.

We were not in a rush so we decided to wait for them to get back. And by then, we had already heard some good reviews about 5J from people around us. Within a few weeks, they came back to us with a quote and a date to start the work.

The tough part was that we didn’t have a place that we can move to while the work was getting completed, so we wanted the renovation to be done a little faster than normal. They were really accommodating about our requirement and told us they will get the project done as soon as possible.

5J and the team really surprised us as they did quality work, in such a short time. The cabinets are all spacious, the built quality is excellent and it matches our home decor too. There is now enough space for all of us to walk around and be in the kitchen at the same time. It is lighted well, and the kitchen has now become our happy space. We would without hesitation, recommend them to anyone who’s looking to redo their kitchen.

If you are in Melbourne and need a further information about kitchen renovation, please feel free to contact us.