Budget Home Extension In Melbourne Without Compromise On Quality


We are a family of 3 and we recently had a couple of additions – yeap! We got dogs! So we converted our kid’s bedroom to a room for our pups and we were in need of another bigger bedroom for our growing toddler.

When we were planning the extension, two factors were our utmost priority – quality and budget. We didn’t want to compromise on either of those, and 5J Building Group was our perfect choice.

We got to know them through one of our friends who had done a complete home renovation with them and they spoke very highly of the team. Since we have a toddler, we were sceptical about how comfortable it will be for him and the team when the project started.  We were also worried that it might look weird or odd once the new bedroom is completed.

But the experienced team at 5J assured us that they would do everything in their power to make this process easy and stress-free for both of us. They analysed the situation properly and gave a detailed plan of how we can go about the bedroom extension without taking up too much space in the yard and our compound. They gave us an estimate and told us there won’t be any hidden or unexpected costs that we have to worry about.

What we really liked is that they were clear in their communication with us, respected our ideas and gave us a proper explanation for all our queries. There was not even a single moment where we had to doubt their capabilities or quality of work.

The bedroom was completed within the said time frame and they also made it look so easy. We would highly recommend them to anyone who’s looking for a home extension in Melbourne on a budget and doesn’t want to compromise on quality.

If you are in Melbourne and need a further information about home extension, please feel free to contact us.