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Home Renovation Melbourne

Whether you would sell your house or it is simply just for living in, 5J Building Group can offer different types of home renovation solutions to match your budget. We will provide clear and itemized quotation before we begin working on your house and we don’t have any hidden costs. We have been renovating Melbourne homes more than 10 years. 5J Renovation Melbourne specializes in home renovation, home extension, bathroom renovation, kitchen renovation, subdivision and knockdown rebuild. Our professional staff actively monitor the whole project to ensure everything is done on time and within budget. Find home renovation near me.

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Total Renovation

Total Home Renovation Melbourne offers you full house renovation, landscaping, drive way, fence, home extension, etc. We come to you to offer a free quote and provide renovation plans to suit your needs. We provide professional advice with both the pros and cons of each stage of the home renovation process.

Kitchen Renovation

Whether you want a traditional kitchen or a modern one, we can help you out. We have been in the Melbourne kitchen renovation business for years and have some of the most experienced designers. We are very keen to deliver exactly what our clients want and aim to consult with them throughout the renovation process.

Bathroom Renovation

After a long day’s work, all you want to do is take a long bath and just forget all your worries. That’s why having a beautiful bathroom is important and who better to help you with that than us? With years of experience we have done many bathroom renovation in Melbourne. Our talented designers can build you something beautiful within your price range.

Home Extension

For years now, we have been doing some of the most breath-taking home extensions Melbourne has ever seen. Our designers are dedicated and our craftspeople highly skilled. Since we are transparent in our dealings, we always meet our customers’ home extension expectations.

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Total Renovation Melbourne

Total renovation

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