Kitchen Renovation Melbourne

Get the best kitchen renovation Melbourne has to offer! When it comes to kitchen renovations, we know what we are doing. We will help you design and build the kitchen of your dreams. Call us today and schedule a design consultation- we promise you won’t be disappointed. Get a quote

Kitchen Renovation Melbourne

Why Choose Kitchen Renovation Melbourne

When it comes to kitchen renovation, Melbourne has some of the biggest names, ours included. Here are some reasons you should go with us:

  • Our renovations are always on time – when we give you a delivery date, we are serious
  • Our kitchen renovations are affordable
  • We have built a reputation in Melbourne
  • All our kitchens come with a guarantee
  • We use top-notch software to help you create designs that meet your requirements
  • We can deliver a variety of kitchen designs using different materials and finishes
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Different Kitchen Styles We Create

Over the years, we have renovated a lot of Melbourne kitchens and have noticed that some styles are quite popular in the area. Some of the most popular ones include:

1.Classic kitchens

These timeless pieces are beloved in Melbourne, and with good cause. They usually feature an open floor plan, islands, beautiful stone benches and a ton of light. This makes them feel cozy and homely while still maintaining a simple elegance.

2. Modern kitchens

So what is a modern Melbourne kitchen? Well, one thing’s for sure – it’s pretty sleek. Such kitchens usually feature strong and sleek appliances. Also, the cabinets tend to be flat and handless, and everything seems to be symmetrical.

3. French provincial kitchens

These charming kitchens manage to combine the traditional and the innovative, bringing warmth and character to your home. The color palette for these kitchens usually includes a lot of whites, creams, and greys. As for the cabinetry, expect to see beautiful wooden details against a tiled backsplash.

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