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Home renovation services

We’ve been living in my ancestral house for the time I can remember. It’s indeed a work of art, but it had to be renovated with natural wear and tear. The budget wasn’t a problem for us, but we were particular about the quality of work, and we wanted someone who knew how to renovate a vintage house correctly.

While searching for home renovation services in Melbourne,  we came across 5J Building Group and decided to give them a call. We are glad we contacted them because we didn’t have to waste any more time searching for a perfect home renovator.

They asked us about our plan for the renovation – we didn’t want to strip away the vintage feel but wanted to make the home a little more convenient, smart and space-saving. The idea was just to redo certain parts of it and not the whole house.

After hearing our requirements, they told us how redoing just a few of the areas alone might make it a bit confusing in terms of aesthetics and the whole feel of the home. We were sceptical because we were unsure how it would turn out. They gave us a quote for the entire house renovation within a short time. We never expected this because most home renovation contractors usually take a lot of time to get back.  They gave us a rough sketch of what would change and which aspects of the home they think we should keep. We were extremely happy because it was exactly how we wanted, affordable and way below what we expected the budget.

They also told us how much time it would need so that we could plan an alternative stay during the renovation.  The work was started without delay and completed within the said time frame.

Throughout the project, there was not even one incident of miscommunication or complications. Everything was done perfectly, and we finally have a home that reminds us of our past and can be called “ours”. We would 100% recommend 5J Building Group to anyone who’s looking for an exceptional, stress-free home renovation service in Melbourne.

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