Fast Kitchen Renovation Without Compromising On Quality

Whether you want to renovate your entire house or just a room, the process is usually quite tedious, especially when you’re starting from scratch. Because we know this, we’re always looking for ways to move things along faster without compromising on quality. So when a client approached us to renovate their bedroom in a matter of two weeks, we were ready for it.

First of all, we quickly worked with the client to bring together a final design, incorporating the themes, colors, and storage options they desired. Secondly, we provided them with a comprehensive quotation that they had to approve before we started any work. Once they were done though we quickly set a date for the project to kick-off and provided them with our proposed schedule. The schedule not only included the agreed-upon timelines, milestones, and tasks, but it also included the name of the staff handling the different aspects of the project.

To ensure that there was no lag in the workflow, we ensured that all the building materials we would need for the project were delivered to the client’s house beforehand. So when we started the project, we hit the ground running. We particularly worked hard to hit our fast major milestone so that we could quickly get feedback from the client before moving on. Fortunately, the client approved of the work done so far and gave us the greenlight to forge ahead.

Afterward, we got into a steady rhythm, dividing tasks efficiently among team members, depending on expertise. This made it possible to finish several tasks at a go, within periods of a few days. Eventually, we were able to finish the project in a little over a week, much to the client’s joy. And to sweeten the pot, the work was immaculate. Ultimately, we were very proud of the work we did, and the client was satisfied as well.

If your need a quote for renovation in Melbourne or even knockdown-rebuild, please feel free to contact us.