Impressive Quality of Bathroom Renovation by 5J Building Group


5Js and team recently redid my bathroom.  You know, how these days people say that bathrooms should be a sanctuary and all that. Well, I dreamed, and these guys really made my dream come true.

I’ve been wanting to change the fixtures, feel and everything about my bathroom since quite some time. Even though I had a clear idea about how I wanted the bathroom to look, I wasn’t sure about how to go about it, where to start or what colour tones would go well in my bathroom, to match my home decor etc.

The experience has been extremely satisfying and pleasant! My idea was to have a modern, minimalist bathroom that’ll instantly make anyone entering it bright and happy. The designers from their team were helpful enough to let me know about the latest trends, how I could cut costs and what would work better for my bathroom floor plan. They even showed me a 3D model of how the renovated bathroom would look like (letting you in on a secret – it looks just like the 3D model – nearly perfect!)

Once the plan was set, they gave me a clear outline of the renovation – when they are planning to start the work, when it will end, what I should do from my end etc. Guess what? All I did was trust them and they did not fail my expectations!

I didn’t have to worry about anything, the storage space, electrical and water fixtures, flooring – they took care of literally everything! The communication was on point, and they shared every detail with me even before me asking.

Right now, they work in the bathroom that’s in my bedroom. If I’m ever redoing my main bathroom, I’m sure they would bag the project without doubts! If you’re looking for super cool, professional and budget-friendly bathroom renovations in Melbourne, go for them!

If your need a quote for renovation in Melbourne or even knockdown-rebuild, please feel free to contact us.